CSBR Email - Colorado Space Business Roundtable Sentinel - Summer 2022

Subject: Colorado Space Business Roundtable Sentinel - Summer 2022


Summer 2022




Colorado Aerospace Family,

It's been a great month for our community! We have just seen the first full-color images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope (with help from Colorado companies like Ball, EnerSys, Lockheed Martin Space, and SEAKR), giving us a glimpse into the formation of our universe. The CAPSTONE satellite (from Colorado-based and CSBR member, Advanced Space) is now on its four-month journey to the Moon where it will be the first spacecraft to fly in a new lunar orbit and test some new and innovative lunar navigation technologies.  And our Lieutenant Governor, the Honorable Dianne Primavera, assumed the role of National Chair of the Aerospace States Association (ASA) at their annual meeting. 

ASA is an organization of state lieutenant governors, legislators, delegates, and associate members who represent industry and academia. They bring together policy makers and aerospace professionals to educate, network, and grow. They held their 3rd Annual State Aerospace Policy Summit earlier this month at the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska. Our CSBR Executive Committee Secretary, Genah Burditt of Blue Foot Engineering and EyasSat, represented CSBR at this month's ASA Summit. And our Chair, Bob Cone, is the Vice Chair of the Colorado Chapter of ASA.

Colorado will be host for next year's ASA 4th Annual State Aerospace Policy Summit - so we have an opportunity to show off Colorado Aerospace to a nationwide audience. We need all hands to make next year's ASA annual meeting the best it can be. If you'd like to be a part of the biggest event in aerospace for 2023, let us know at info@coloradosbr.org

We also hope you’ll join us for our upcoming social events, such as our collaborative happy hour TONIGHT with The Smalls at Pikes Peak Brewing in Monument, CO (Wed., July 20th, 5-7pm) and our "Beers and Brats with Astronauts" at the Blue Moon Brewery & Restaurant in Denver's RiNo neighborhood (Thurs., August 25th, 4-8pm). We will be taking our Road Trip to the Western Slope and hosting a CSBR Golf Tournament at Tiara Rado Golf Course in Grand Junction on Friday, October 7th. And our flagship event, the Colorado Space Roundup, returns to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science on Wednesday, December 7th.

Thank you for all you do for our aerospace community, and to improve our lives here on Earth. We look forward to connecting with you!

Shane Deichman
Vice Chair
Colorado Space Business Roundtable




Join us!  Everyone is welcome! CSBR has several road trips planned for Summer/Fall 2022.   

If you aren’t familiar with CSBR Road Trips, it is where interested CSBR members travel outside of the high concentration of aerospace companies located on the front range and visit other parts of beautiful Colorado.  Done every year since 2014, including virtual events during COVID, CSBR Road Trips have three goals:

1.  To promote Colorado Aerospace:  Explain what aerospace is and why it is important.  Regardless of where someone lives, aerospace affects their daily live in big ways and small.  From communications, GPS, weather satellites, our nation’s national security and economic security.  We meet with all kinds of organizations and groups.

2.  To seek potential suppliers and subcontractors:  Companies of many kinds can get into the aerospace supply chain and provide products and services, not just engineering or manufacturing companies, those are the most common.  We meet with companies and business organizations and work with them, if they are interested, in how they can consider getting involved in aerospace or expanding further into aerospace.  We have many success stories including in Grand Junction and Durango.

3.  To conduct STEM outreach: We meet with K12 as well as community college and university faculty and students to discuss what is happening in aerospace and how they can get involved.  Additionally, the CSBR Internship Program came out of our first road trip in 2014 and has been conducted every year since!

How Road Trips work is you register with CSBR if you are interested in participating.  We will then coordinate with you about the schedule and transportation.  CSBR usually arranges a carpool or vanpool if there is enough interest or you can drive yourself.  You can attend all or just part of the trip if you drive yourself.  There is no fee to participate though you are responsible for your own expenses.  Some things such as receptions, the carpool, and other things may be covered by CSBR or sponsors.  There will be opportunities for you to speak at meetings during the road trip and sponsors are afforded first choice and the most time to speak and give presentations. 

First Road Trip: If you are interested in learning more or attending, please send a note to:  info@coloradoSBR.org

The first road trip is planned for July 27-29 in conjunction with one of CLUB 20’s Summer Policy Meetings at Colorado Northwestern Community College in Rangely, Colorado.  CSBR will set up additional stops in on top of activities with CLUB 20, including meeting with the Glenwood Springs Rotary Club on July 29.  (Click here to learn more about CLUB 20).  If you are attending with CSBR, you do NOT need to register with CLUB 20.  You will register with CSBR and we will coordinate with CLUB 20.

Anticipated Future Road Trips: Registration will be announced at a later time, but put these dates on your calendar!

A second road trip is planned for September 7-10 in conjunction with CLUB 20’s Fall Conference and Candidate Debates.  Again, we will coordinate additional stops on the way to the event and in and around Grand Junction including to CSBR Member SG Aerospace & Gas.  CLUB 20’s Fall Conference is THE political event of the Western Slope with most statewide candidates and candidates from districts representing Western Colorado attending.  It also includes a Steak Fry!

We anticipate a third Road Trip, again to Grand Junction, October 6-8, that would include a golf tournament. Finally, it is possible we’ll schedule another road trip to the Eastern Plains or another part of Colorado either in the Fall or Winter of 2022 and we will certainly schedule a road trip to another part of the state other than the Western Slope in 2023.

Come join us!  You do belong!  If you have the time and interest, and want another opportunity to promote you business or organization through CSBR, join us!

For questions or more information, please contact Ali Recek and Joe Rice, CSBR Road Trip Co-Chairs:

arecek@manufacturersedge.com   720-353-7101

joe.rice@lmco.com        720-251-3346








Wednesday, December 7, 2022








In June, CSBR attended the Aerospace States Association (ASA) annual meeting and 3rd Policy Summit in Girdwood, Alaska. CSBR was represented by Genah Burditt, BOD Secretary. The meeting was held at a beautiful ski resort at Hotel Alyeska, with views from the top of the gondola that went from double black diamond ski slopes straight into the sea-or so it seemed. The event was attended by several Lt. Governor’s and law makers, pictured together below, from across the country. As well industry, military, non-profits, and, Astronaut Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, also pictured below. The event was packed with activities and content.

The group visited the space port on Kodiak Island, where a rocket was being assembled at one launch site. At the close of the event, Lt. Gov. of Alaska, Kevin Meyer, the host and Chair, passed to the baton to Lt. Gov. Diane Primavera, who is now ASA Chair, and will host the event in Colorado in 2023! Lt. Gov. Primavera is pictured in several photos below.




Four Colorado Space Business Roundtable ambassadors, Alex Dziaba, Ashley Withnell, Bri Collins, and Bryce Irving. Alex graduated from Cheyenne Mountain High School and will attend Arizona State University to study Astronautical Engineering. Ashley graduated from Niwot High School and is attending CU Boulder in the fall for Mechanical Engineering. Bri is attending Elbert High School for her senior year. Bryce graduated from Boulder High and will study Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines.

At the beginning of 2022, they applied and were accepted for the Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone (GLEE) mission organized by the Colorado Space Grant Consortium at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and funded by NASA's Artemis Student Challenges and NASA's National Space Grant and Fellowship Project. The GLEE mission will launch 500 LunaSats by 2023 to collect temperature, magnetic field, and inertial measurements on the moon's surface. As part of the GLEE program, CSBR will mentor the team through virtual workshops and the building, programming, and testing of their very own LunaSat. 




The Colorado Space Business Roundtable Internship Program and Teacher Academy took place this past week and we have over 45 students and 4 teachers from around Colorado involved in the programs. These programs are a great opportunity for these students and teachers to learn more about the aerospace industry and companies here in Colorado. The students are all interested in the aerospace industry and can use this program to network for future opportunities.  

The students visited Lockheed Martin Space, University of Colorado Boulder, Boeing, United Launch Alliance, 3D Printing Store, Red Canyon Software and Engineering, Astroscale, Advanced Space, Colorado Air and Space Port, Reaction Engines, Space Foundation, Ball Aerospace, Sierra Space and many more. At each stop the students and teachers received a presentation about the company and tour of the space along with the company's own added agenda items. We hope all participants and everyone involved had a great time during the internship. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Lisa Gregg at lisa.r.gregg@lmco.com.







CSBR and the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation are delighted to host a delegation of space technology companies from Israel who are interested in working with Colorado space companies. 

This Briefing on Colorado Aerospace Ecosystem and Business Roundtable with Israeli Delegation will be held on August 2, 2022, 9:00 AM to 12:15 PM, at the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, 1445 Market St Suite 400, Denver, CO.

This event will feature an overview of the Colorado Space Ecosystem, introductory presentations from the Israeli companies, and time for Q&A with the companies.  We hope you can join us!

Further details on this event, including the specific companies participating, will be forthcoming and posted on CSBRs calendar of events.  Check the CSBR events calendar at ColoradoSBR.com.





August 23rd Colorado State of Aerospace
August 25th CSBR Beers, Brats & Astronauts (Registration opening soon)
October 2nd Breakfast Fly-In
October 4th-8th Denver Startup Week
October 7th CSBR Golf Tourney in Grand Junction (Registration opening soon)
November 8th ASCEND 2022
December 7th CSBR Roundup





The phrase “Since 1962….” is used often by Analytical Mechanics Associates (AMA), and this year it is especially significant.  As a small business that started on the east coast, AMA has navigated challenges, growth, and has relentlessly stuck around.  This year AMA is recognizing its 60th anniversary with celebrations including employees and our communities.

On February 13, 1962 AMA was formed by individuals in Hampton, VA who saw an opportunity to fill a gap and create a new research and development company to serve the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other United States Federal Agencies in the discovery and advancement of engineering and science, analytics, information technology, and visualization. Little did they realize they were making local history.

Coincidentally, one week later the United States had made history in space when John Glenn successfully orbited the Earth in the “Friendship 7” capsule.  Since then, AMA and NASA have grown up alongside and along with one another. From the first major contract AMA secured at NASA Langley, to today’s work at Ames Research Center,  Armstrong Flight Research Center, Johnson Space Center, and Marshall Space Flight Center, AMA’s friendship and partnership with NASA has spanned decades.   

Hired in the 1980s fresh out of Virginia Tech’s graduate aerospace engineering program by Mike Heck (co-owner and president at that time), Renji Kumar (later served as AMA CEO from 1997 to 2018) and Hans Seywald (later served as AMA President) successfully led the company and oversaw its growth from only five employees to over 250. 

AMA’s friendship with partners and commercial customers continued to expand in the early 2000’s with the creation of offices in Huntsville, AL, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, and Santa Clara, CA.

The Advanced Projects group, headquartered in Denver, CO performs concept studies for advanced space vehicles and future mission architectures, performing quick-turn design and analysis services for NASA as well as numerous commercial customers. The group includes a problem-solving consulting group of Subject Matter Experts in missile aerodynamics and all phases of aerodynamic and hydro-dynamic design and analysis. A nuclear engineering arm of the team is also growing in number and leading the field in research around Nuclear Thermal and Nuclear Electric Propulsion. 

The exciting force influencing the greatest rise in action for AMA’s story happened in 2012 when the TEAMS 2 contract came up for bid, a time noted by many as “the key milestone” for the company’s success. The Technology, Engineering, and Aerospace Mission Support contract was up for recompete, and AMA was presented with its first opportunity to pursue a significant, highly complex contract at NASA. Since then, AMA has grown steadily at office sites and NASA centers coast to coast and now has over 450 employees.

“Although growth has changed AMA, I believe the key aspects of the smaller AMA have stayed,” says Scott Angster, Director of Simulation and Visualization. “Things like providing quality work, hiring quality personnel to the company as a whole rather than temporarily for a given task, working closely with customers to become part of the NASA team rather than just another contractor to NASA, and being a family- and people-oriented company…these important aspects remain.”

Lindsey Holmes, Vice President of Advanced Projects in Denver agrees.  “Hiring good people and enabling them to do meaningful work, while leveraging their skill sets and supporting them in directions they seek for their careers” is a big reason AMA is not only a long-standing and successful company, but a highly respected one as well.

Dave Bose, AMA Chief Engineer adds, “When I think about key milestones for AMA, what most comes to mind is people and relationships. And if you look closely at the origin stories of how many of us came to AMA, you will see how important relationships were in making those milestones happen.”

AMA’s continued presence at NASA centers across the country and its continued growth in commercial aerospace is a testament to the caliber of its employees and its continued “Friendship” with customers.    

After 60 years in business, AMA is still innovative, creative, poised, and ready to move into the future. 




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Our Board of Directors value the opportunity to work alongside our member volunteers in advancing the CSBR community.  CSBR has eight committees that actively plan, promote and serve our industry. 

These committees are:

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To learn more about the time commitment and responsibilities of being involved or to sign up, click HERE.  If you have specific questions about the current work of the committees, feel free to reach out to the current committee chairs listed.  Questions: info@ColoradoSBR.org. 




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