CSBR Email - Colorado Space Business Roundtable Sentinel - Spring 2022

Subject: Colorado Space Business Roundtable Sentinel - Spring 2022


Spring 2022




Hello Colorado Aerospace!

This is my first opportunity to greet you all as the 2022 Chair of CSBR. I’m honored to serve in this role, especially given everything that is happening in aerospace today. Many of us are experiencing a renaissance, particularly in the space sector. New technologies are coming online faster than ever. The Smallsat form factor has gone from a novelty to the dominant form. The cost of access to space is roughly half what it was just a few years ago. There is a new surge of capital flowing in like never before. Space startups are emerging and taking root daily. Mergers and consolidations are common headlines. NASA, USAF, USSF budgets are growing to match their mission. As a nation, we have established a thriving commercial space sector that is now delivering people and cargo to LEO and, this year, the first commercial delivery to the surface of the Moon. Most of us are busier than ever. The only close parallel to this experience may be the Apollo program in the 60’s and 70’s, but our current boom is much more diverse, broad, and encompassing. We are blessed. Of course, this growth is a double-edged sword, creating bottlenecks in supply chains and workforce shortages, for example.

In this highly dynamic time, CSBR is evolving, growing, and adapting as well. Our 2021 “Roundup” event in December, sold out for the first time ever, highlighting both the demand for and interest in networking and sharing ideas. This broad participation in our events enables us to create better content, diversity, and programs for our members and member companies. We established a new committee for Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI), and are committed to that cause. In order to do more to connect people, opportunities, and capabilities, we are planning new events, growing our young professionals outreach, and expanding our overall impact on the industry and state we love. We welcome new ideas and invite everyone’s participation. Join us in this fun and important cause!

Robert Cone
Colorado Space Business Roundtable 




Meosha Brooks is an Advanced Systems Manager in Business Development at Ball Aerospace and a Co-Instructor at Johns Hopkins University in the College of Engineering.  She has been in the field of Aerospace for over 15 years with her Aerospace career beginning as a Performance Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin.   She taught 6th-8th grade Physical and Earth Science at Pasadena ISD in Pasadena, TX for two years until returning to her first passion, engineering.  Early on in her career, Meosha worked as a Motherboard Design Engineer at Advanced Miro Devices (AMD) where she developed cutting edge laptop technology for motherboards and processors.  Meosha holds a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology from Prairie View A&M University, and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Sam Houston State University.

Meosha has a deep love for her community and its people.  She devotes her time to mentoring and teaching others both young and old about careers in STEM fields as well as financial literacy.  She is a member of several organizations, some of which she is a board member of the Colorado Space Business Roundtable, Colorado Futuretek, and a director-elect on the St. Vrain Valley School Board, Board of Education.  While engineering is her passion, Meosha loves to read and spend time with her family.  She volunteers her time with her sons Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scout Pack, her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop, and their extracurricular activities.  Meosha is the wife of Justin Brooks and mother of four to Christian, Lauren, Gabriel, Matthew, and their late dog Roscoe.  

Meosha is a forward thinker and thought leader who believes that people can be inspired and motivated by the continuous positive examples they see and the encouragement to do better no matter where they come from or where they have been.  

Her words to live by - “Whatever your life’s work is, do it well.  A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better. ” – Martin Luther King Jr.




WASHINGTON — Sierra Space says it is making good progress on its first Dream Chaser spaceplane as the company looks ahead to versions of the vehicle that can carry crews and perform national security missions.

The company provided SpaceNews with images of the first Dream Chaser, named Tenacity, being assembled at its Colorado headquarters. The vehicle’s structure is now largely complete, but there is still more work to install its thermal protection system and other components.

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The Aerospace Industry is experiencing a renaissance, a new eagerness for innovation and exploration fueled by an accelerating human awareness of the importance of space to our sustainable and prosperous future. To realize this opportunity to its fullest potential we must nurture and utilize all the gifts and talents of those that share this vision.   

CSBR's commitment is put forth by establishing a dedicated committee to focus on all areas necessary to create J.E.D.I. Space. We plan to ensure that our events and activities are inclusive, that we promote and encourage our partnerships to be just and equitable in our dealings.  We have diverse individuals that represent the best that Colorado has to offer.  To lead this effort we have asked former CSBR Chairperson, Alires Almon to lead our efforts to establish our commitment. 

"I am honored to be asked to lead this important effort. In order for Colorado to remain competitive and a leader in the aerospace industry, we must enable a J.E.D.I  Space environment. We can't afford to turn away those who wish to contribute their talents to humanity's greatest cause - space exploration.  I look forward to working with our CSBR Board members, their organizations and the greater aerospace community to keep us moving in the right direction and make space for all of us. "  - Alires Almon, Chairman CSBR J.E.D.I. Space Council

The greatest journey in human history is the ongoing evolution of our awareness of who we are, the potential of where we are going, and most importantly how we get there. It is our purpose to create a J.E.D.I. Space environment as we journey into the great space frontier. We will be fearless in our mission as we rise to the challenge of difficult, yet courageous conversations. While we elevate the impact and inclusiveness of people, we will also transform our technologies' impact on the environment and how we engender our earth for future sustainability.  

If you wish to be a part of this effort, please reach out to J.E.D.I. Council Chair, Alires Almon or Daudi Barnes




With the cyberthreat landscape getting more complicated with every passing minute, cybersecurity deserves more attention than ever before. Fully trusting applications, interfaces, networks, devices, traffic, and users without authentication is no longer an option. Misjudging and misplacing your trust in a malicious entity can lead to severe breaches that can damage your business. Zero Trust Security practices, however, can go a long way towards helping small and medium-sized businesses minimize cybersecurity risks and prevent data breaches. 

The Zero Trust approach trusts nothing within or outside its perimeter and insists on verifying everything attempting to connect to the company systems before granting access. In simple terms, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) refers to it as a “never trust, always verify” approach.

Implementing Zero Trust Security within your business can help guard against data breaches, downtime, productivity loss, customer churn, and reputation damage. Over 70% of businesses planned for the deployment of Zero Trust in 2020 and it is even more critical for SMBs in an era where workforces and networks are becoming heavily distributed.

Three Misconceptions and Facts About Zero Trust Security

1.Misconception: Zero Trust Security is only for enterprises.

The Zero Trust cybersecurity framework is a proven counterthreat strategy. While it’s true that enterprises prioritize protection of their data and networks by deploying the best solutions and approaches, SMBs must also protect sensitive data and networks by taking adequate measures to minimize internal and external vulnerabilities. Thus, Zero Trust Security isn’t just for enterprises. It is equally significant for SMBs as well.

2.Misconception: Zero Trust Security is too complex.

By applying Zero Trust concepts at a scale that makes sense for your business, you will realize it isn’t as complex as you thought.

3.Misconception: The cost of implementing Zero Trust is too high.

Zero Trust adoption is operationally and economically feasible if you focus on your most critical applications and data sets first.

If you’re not equipped with a solid defense against cyberthreats, you may regret it later when a breach happens. Chances are your current approach to cybersecurity falls short of stopping cybercriminals from accessing your network. The Zero Trust approach can change all that. 

Adopting Zero Trust Security within your business does not mean you throw away your existing security tools and technologies. In fact, according to NIST, Zero Trust Security must incorporate existing security tools and technologies more systematically.

Build an effective Zero Trust model that encompasses governance policies—like giving users only the access needed to complete their tasks—and technologies such as:

  1. Multifactor authentication
  2. Identity and access management
  3. Risk management
  4. Analytics
  5. Encryption
  6. Orchestration
  7. Scoring
  8. File-system permissions

Taking your business down the path of Zero Trust may not be easy, but it’s certainly achievable and well worth it. 

Kyle Ellington
Senior Account Executive



CSBR Members Networking at Space Symposium





New Corporate Members


New Individual Members

Annika Neil  Denver University Student
Vera Demchenko  Young Professional
Chad Clark  Martensen IP
John Sage  Vergent Products
Jerome Hittle  Amplified Space
Emanuel Anton Anton Ammar PLLC
Robert Johns  Summit Growth Solutions
Amanda Camarata  Colorado School of Mines Student
David Salter  Advanced Space Concepts
Samuel Francis  Crux CFO Advisors
Kevin Strait  Anzen Legal Group
Associated Governments of NW Co Member Renewal
Carter Freeman  VCFO

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These committees are:

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To learn more about the time commitment and responsibilities of being involved or to sign up, click HERE.  If you have specific questions about the current work of the committees, feel free to reach out to the current committee chairs listed.  Questions: info@ColoradoSBR.org. 




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